We bring it to life!

Senmicro’s second core competence lies in the field of sensor and electronics development.

In doing so, the range of services from the development teams in Amstetten includes needs analysis and customer consultation, through to realisation and manufacturing of tailored-made serial products.

The deliverables from our expert teams include planning and conception, circuit design, PCB design as well as ultimately, the realisation of prototypes.    

Senmicro is always your competent contact person – from the initial idea through to the production of serial products.

The typical activities of Senmicro encompass:

  • Circuit simulation
  • Circuit development
  • PCB design
  • Production of prototypes
  • Circuit validation
  • Serial production of customer-specifics    
  • Electronic solutions

Our electronic and sensor solutions are used, amongst other things, in the areas of:

  • Process optimisation
  • Quality management
  • Condition monitoring
  • Performance and energy management

Through many years of contactless sensors development, Senmicro have built up competence in the field of circuit and PCB design.

This expertise includes the processing of analogue as well as digital signals and their coupling. Through our know-how cost effective customer-specific solutions can be easily found.

All types of industrial enterprises and businesses

Conception, PCB design, circuit design, development

Prototype construction and serial production

Sensor technology

Non-contact measuring systems
for the optimisation of production
processes in the paper industry.

2/3D Machine vision

Soft and hardware for the
implementation of state-of-the-art
image processing systems.


From the requirements analysis
of PCB design, prototyping  
through to serial production.

Software development

Customised software solutions
based upon LabVIEW™ or
DIAdem for measuring systems
and real-time test stands in the
industrial field.