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For years Saft has been specializing in advanced-technology battery solutions for industry, in space, at sea, in the air and on land in remote and harsh. Pages · Intensium® Max 20 High Energy (LFP) · ARROK High Voltage system · ARROK Low Voltage battery · Modul'ion® · Customized battery solutions · VRNM Ni-Cd battery. Saft has a presence in 19 countries, with 31 sales offices and 16 manufacturing sites. We have more than 3, customers and 4, staff from 49 nations. Our. Saft's LS, LSH and LSP cylindrical primary lithium cells ranges, all based on Lithium-Thionyl chloride (Li-SOCl 2) chemistry perfectly suit high-energy and high. Contact our Saft Specialists. To ensure we can respond as efficiently as possible, please complete this form which will be delivered to our team of experts who. Saft is a battery company like no other. For over years, we have been the preferred battery supplier to some of the world's most demanding markets. Saft provides a wide array of support and services to ensure that customers' battery systems are robust, reliable and well-maintained for long-lasting. A SAFT is a form of an investment contract. They were created as a way to help new cryptocurrency ventures raise money without breaking. Saft Batteries - Lithium, Nickel Cadmium - Ni-Cd, Nickel Metal Hydride - Ni-MH Premium OEM and Manufacturer Replacement Cells. A modified SAFT equation of state is developed by applying the perturbation theory of Barker and Henderson to a hard-chain reference fluid.