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They Came to Play. (54) h 31 minNR. Profiles the devoted musicians entered in the International Piano Competition for Outstanding Amateurs in. Chronicles the Fifth International Piano Competition for Outstanding Amateurs, hosted by The Van Cliburn Foundation. Players from all over the world. the U.S. Alex Rotaru's They Came to Play follows the fifth amateur contest, The spotlighted players represent different countries and various. All of these performances took place right on the bandstand, which is where Home┬╗ Discography┬╗ They Came to Swing Black And Tan Fantasy, , Play. Adapted from a J.B. Priestley play with many of the original actors. The tale of various people who have come to live in an "ideal" city and their hopes and. Today, the toy industry is, in many ways, a model of the interdependency of countries and companies in modern enterprise. Yet for all the business and cultural. And Then They Came for Me is a unique theatrical experience: a multimedia play that combines videotaped interviews with Holocaust survivors Ed Silverberg. Written in , the play examines the experiences of Anne Frank, Eva Schloss and Ed Silberberg during the Nazi era. All three emigrated from Germany and. They Came to a City is a British film directed by Basil Dearden adapted from the play of the same title by J. B. Priestley. The plot concerns the experiences of various people who have come to live. Although the crowd had turned out at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Wednesday evening mainly to hear Richard Goode play two Mozart piano concertos with.